Enjoy a different perspective of the stunning island of Fuerteventura. At night the island is transformed into a sky bursting with stars, inviting us to reconnect with the beauty and complexity of our universe. We will take you to the darkest spots on the island to show off the true magic of a starry sky, a crescent moon, star nurseries, planets and much more! There is always something incredible happening in our dark night skies. Whether you are a beginner or already have a wide knowledge you are sure to learn something from our stargazing observations

For those of you who would like to learn more we also offer a variety of astronomy courses and night photography workshops.

Fuerteventura is set in a privileged spot, at a latitude of 28º north! You can observe the whole of the northern hemisphere and a large part of the southern.  The cloud free skies, clean atmosphere and areas of little light pollution make Fuerteventura one of the best places in Europe to observe the night sky. NASA cite the Canary Islands as being one of the four windows to the universe and Fuerteventura has recently been awarded Starlight Reserve status from UNESCO (summer 2015). 

The dark, starry night skies of Fuerteventura are a real treat to experience!  



Fuerteventura received Starlight Reserve status, granted by UNESCO in the summer of 2015. This is an awesome achievement for the island! Already recognized as a Biosphere Reserve on land and sea, Fuerteventura can now ensure that they protect their incredible dark skies too.

A Starlight Reserve is a site where a commitment to defend the night sky quality and the access to starlight has been established. It will have a core or dark zone that is protected by a surrounding buffer zone from air and light pollution. Check UNESCO site for more info.

Fuerteventura is now striving to achieve “Starlight Tourist Destination”, also from UNESCO. The aim is to have science recognised as a tourist product and to appreciate the scientific, cultural and environmental importance of our night skies.  

Stars by Night is the first to offer astro tourism on the island of Fuerteventura. "Our mission is to inspire all the people that visit the island, about the beauty and origin of our universe and the importance to preserve a dark night sky, as a right to humanity and all other species that rely on it"


Enrique de Ferra Fantín – Astronomer

Enrique has a PhD in Electronic Engineering from the Trieste University, Italy. Currently he is a professor of Astronomy at the Academia de Ciencias e Ingenierías de Lanzarote (Academy of Science and Engineering in Lanzarote). He has been living in Fuerteventura since 1997. He is responsible for the Observatory La Corte, in Antigua, Fuerteventura which cooperates with international projects regarding asteroid tracking, double stars and meteor statistics. He is a member of the Agrupación Astrónomica de Fuerteventura and is a consultant for the Fuerteventura’s Biosphere Reserve, regarding the Starlight Reserve and the StarLight Tourist Destination classifications. This includes advice on sky quality measures and light pollution prevention and reduction. He has a wide experience of popularising astronomy through frequent speeches, television, radio and newspaper interviews and is part of the editorial team of the well-known magazine, AstronomíA. He speaks Spanish, English and Italian.

Simon Waldram – Photographer

Simon is an incredibly passionate and dedicated photographer. Since 2005, he has covered the island, both at night and day exploring this passion and finding some of the best locations to shoot from. His knowledge of low light photography and where to find the darkest spots qualifies him as an excellent lead on our night photography experiences. He has had photographs published in Digital Photographer, F2 Freelance Photographer, American Art and the inflight magazines of AirBerlin and Jet2.  

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Karen Moore – Founder

Karen has a degree in Marketing and Communications, but it is her experience in eco tourism that gave her the initiative to create Stars by Night. She played a central role in the start-up and running of ReefDoctor, a scientific project, that later evolved into eco tourism. As coordinator of the project in Madagascar, where she was based for four years, she was in charge of relations with the local and national government, educational institutions and the fishing community. Previously she worked as a financial administrator for the Family and Parenting Institute, a non-profit British organisation and a fundraiser for a variety of known British charities. 

Stars by Night was born from a camping trip to the west coast of Fuerteventura. It was incredibly dark! Observing the beauty and infinite stars of the universe above and she was hooked! She wanted to learn more and wanted to share the awesomeness with others!